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The Lagarto, The Grunion and The Wahoo.

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Sailor, Rest Your Oar. Remembering the crew of the USS LAGARTO In the last months of World War Two, the U.S. fleet submarine USS LAGARTO departed on a war patrol from which it would never return. For sixty years the fate of the submarine had remained a mystery until it was found, silently resting on […]

Website Statistics update

Looks like the visits have evened out a bit. It’s interesting to see that our PageViews per visits is up to over three pages per visit. Also, we have 35 posts and 73 comments. This is fantastic. This search is making a difference in people’s lives. To everyone who has shared their story with us, […]

NPR Grunion program by KIAL’s Charles Homans in Unalaska

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Long-Lost World War II Sub May Be Found by Charles Homans Weekend Edition Saturday, August 26, 2006 · The USS Grunion disappeared in July 1942, leaving 70 American families in grief. Researchers, funded by one of the sons of skipper Mannert L. “Jim” Abele, say they may have found the sub in the Bering Sea. […]

Photos of Contributors to Grunion Project

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John, Brad, and Bruce Abele Pete – Photographer and family representative Mike and Chuck – the pilots The Captain of the Aquila, Kale Garcia and his family Art Wright and Williamson & Associates sonar team Vickie Rodgers – Family researcher and her little assistant, grandson Keagan Newman Lanier – Web site development LtCol Richard Lane […]

Status Report August 27th

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Status Report August 27th Bruce Relatives of Crew: We still have 31 crew members for whom we have not found relatives. (See link to Lost Grunion Family Contacts, also in the links section on the right). I would encourage everybody to pick one at random and see if you can figure a way to locate […]