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Milliner Weaver Thomas: Grunion XO (Executive Officer – second in command)

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Milliner Weaver Thomas was born on April 18, 1911 to Howard Barton and Halcyon M. Thomas, who resided in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 540 Washington Lane. Milliner was their only child. His father was born in New York, his mother in Kansas. His father, Howard worked as chemist for a Pharmaceutical Company. Photo: Milliner’s family moved […]

Whitefish engineer returns from stormy Bering Sea with tale of discovery, By Richard Hanners Whitefish Pilot

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Whitefish engineer returns from stormy Bering Sea with tale of discovery Posted: Wednesday, Sep 06, 2006 – 12:20:12 pm PDT By RICHARD HANNERS Whitefish Pilot When it left the Electric Boat Company shipyards in New London, Conn., on May 24, 1942, the USS Grunion belonged to a new era of submarines with all-welded hulls. […]

Search for the Grunion September 18

Bruce: Search for the Grunion September 18 Project Update We have found a target that considering the length and certain other features appears to be the Japanese destroyer Arare. Remembering the contribution to this effort from Yutaka and Minoru one of our goals has always been to locate the Japanese ships that were sunk in […]

Website Statistics update

The picture is of our stats from 9/11 to 9/17. It’s interesting to note, although the total visitors are declining, the pages per visitor is up at 3.91. Also, we have some European visitors this week and the distribution of “visits by source” is good, with a diverse group of referrers. The total posts on […]

“Closure, WW II sub found under the sea” – Tribune

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Closure, WW II sub found under the sea Family finally has place to put flowers By Kelly Kennedy Tribune staff reporter Published August 8, 2005 In the ghostly blue lights of a video camera, sea snakes, squids and schools of blue and yellow fish swirl past five-inch battle guns of a World War II submarine […]