Status Report October 2nd

Posted on Monday 2 October 2006

Status Report October 2nd
Lots going on:

3d Images From Skinner Squared:

First thanks to Skinner Squared there are now 3d images that give one a visual idea of the situation. Go to . I think you will find them interesting.

New Clues as to What Happened:

Got an email from the daughter of someone whose father had been lost on the Triton. She mentions another individual who was alive till just recently and had been on the Triton when it was in the Aleutians whose comment was “I can’t understand why the Navy won’t tell what happened to the Grunion?”

On checking the Triton was in the area and had departed for Dutch because of a blown engine.

She is sending documentation by snail mail and after we have a chance to check it out we will update the website.

News Organizations:

As mentioned earlier the Today Show spent a couple of days at our house preparing for a less than 5 minute segment to be aired in a couple of weeks.

Associated Press just released an article that is available on line at :

AP: Family Believes It’s Found Missing WWII Sub USS Grunion, on

Some of the comments in the blog (just below the photograph) are worth reading. It is an indication of how some people think about this type of situation



Yutaka continues to provide valuable information to solving the Grunion mystery. Below is a note combined with a sketch from a newspaperman who was aboard the Kana Maru.

kano maru article

This is translation (also the photo copy) of KENJI HAMADA’s note dated Aug. 3, 1942 from ‘KANO MARU DETAIL COMBAT ACTION REPORT’ at NIDS. (Detailing the discovery of dud torpedos)


I had got on a motor launch and left KANO MARU from portboard.

The boat ran over the stem and went to the starboard side of the ship.

Then I saw at left side of the boat, about 200m apart from my boat, that was 500m from KANO MARU’s stem,

something was afloating on the surface. That were two cylinder, like oil drum, upright about 0.5m over the surface.

I found that objects but couldn’t approach so I didn’t understand what they were.

When my boat went on to the starboard and aft side of the KANO MARU,

I saw the same two objects at the front of my boat, 50m distance, that was about 400-500m from the KANO MARU’s stern.

Again I didn’t understand what they were.

Later I saw a torpedo at land, that was without explosive warhead, picked up by the same(my) DAIHATSU boat.

Then I heard from Navy men (about the torpedo), and I understand what I had seen were torpedoes that lost its warhead and afloating upright.

SYOWA 17(1942) August 3rd PM 03:30

Army contract newspaperman



Relatives of the Japanese Ships: Destroyer Arare, Sub Chasers 25 & 27, & Submarine I-9


I am getting a few emails in Japanese. I at first suspected junk mail but now suspect that they are valid.

Plan to contact the Japanese embassy to see if I can get them translated and possibly answered.

3 Comments for 'Status Report October 2nd'

    Gene Holt
    October 3, 2006 | 4:49 am

    My goodness what a terrific story—I just hope and pray all goes well for the continued research and exploration of the USS GRUNION.
    My father had very close buddy of his who was lost on the USS PICKEREL on April 1943 in Japanese home waters so this is very close to my heart. I can remember them as a little boy taking pictures together Andy Horvath in his Navy uniform and my dad in his army uniform. My deepest prayers for all involved especially the families… Gene

    Yutaka Iwasaki
    October 6, 2006 | 3:33 pm

    Arare image is the one that I am awaiting.

    The destroyer Arare sank by torpedo hit at midship, went down with Jack knife shape. The wreck is just as it is said.
    It is clear that we can see two aft gun turret, and particular double-curvature stem of Japanese fighting ship.
    The bridge fall on the aft body. Fore part fall down but No.1 turret seemed upright.
    There are debris at the broken edge. Perhaps machinery and boiler.

    I think the Japanes souls are still here, not in YASUKUNI SHRINE in TOKYO.
    Thank you for discovery of the forgotten ship.

    George Herold
    March 27, 2007 | 3:03 am

    I may have said this previously – At the time of GRUNION’S loss I was on the submarine FINBACK, about 100 miles distant. We were told, via radio, to try and contact GRUNION. We did with no success. At times we would pick up distant depth-charging with our sound equipment.I had attended Sub School at New London during late summer of 1941 with Al Ullman, who remains aboard the GRUNION. A great guy. Have been in contact with some of his relatives who were born after hs loss. I’m 83 and living in Melbourne FL — Geo.Herold

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