Posted on Monday 15 January 2007


For those of you that would like to order your loved one’s service record…

Go to this website and there is a link to obtain the form SF-180 You can find the sailor’s service number from the On Eternal Patrol website. As best I could determine- the officers had an extra 0- in front of their service number and the rest would be enlisted men so those of us not familiar with all the ranks will know which box to check on the form (officer or enlisted).

I spoke to someone that has sent off for many of these in his research and this is what he told me. 1. include his service number 2. you don’t have to be next of kin- however the information you get will vary as “right to know” laws vie with the “privacy act”. 3. write on the form “include photo if available” 4. Be sure and fill out the “requester is” section on the form

The forms can be mailed or faxed to the Personnel Records center and you will see that information on the website.


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