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Status Report July 31st

( general )

This morning got a call from the driver, Bob Crider, that he was about 150 miles from Seattle. That means he should arrive just about 8:00 am, about as perfect timing as could be imagined. I have started adding photos to the Google website, picasaweb. There will be a link to that site “Photos Search […]

Status Report July 30th

Today is the 65th anniversary of the loss of the Grunion. In that light I would like to share a note that the Gunnery Officer William Kornahrens wrote in June 1942 to his wife about our dad “The more I see of the captain, the more convinced I am that he is a remarkable individual. […]

Status Report July 29th

Talked with the truck driver, Bob Crider, and it appeared he and his 38,000 lb of ROV and equipment would be in Fargo N Dakota about noon today. That is approximately 1662 miles of a 3100 mile trip. Assuming the same rate of travel he should be in Seattle quite early in the morning of […]

Status Report July 28th

As of noon today the Landstar Ranger truck driven by Robert and Rochelle Crider had just crossed the border out of Ohio. The photo gives on an idea of the size of the winch. “We at Nippon Express USA, Boston Branch, are very proud to be able to assist in the search for the USS […]

Max Rover being Loaded

( Photos )

” I just checked the website and saw the ROV being lifted onto the truck. This is so very exciting. Many of us have been calling each other just to stay in touch as the news of the Grunion unfold. Thank you and all of your family for undertaking this tremendous project. What a wonderful […]