WBZ-TV: Brothers Close To Solving WWII Submarine Mystery

Posted on Wednesday 11 July 2007

Jun 21, 2007 6:41 pm US/Eastern

WBZ-TV: Brothers Close To Solving WWII Submarine Mystery


Joe Shortsleeve Reporting
(WBZ) NEWTON A Massachusetts family is working to solve a World War II mystery.The Abele brothers lost their father when the USS Grunion vanished off Alaska in 1942. Some 65-years later, the deep sea is finally giving up some answers.

“We had no idea what happened,” said Bruce Abele of Newton.

His father, Jim, was the commander of the Navy submarine which vanished in the waters off Alaska in 1942.

Ever since, the relatives of the men on board were left to wonder.

Bruce and his two brothers never gave up searching for answers.

Last summer, the Abele brothers, at their own expense and using sonar equipment, located what appears to be the lost sub.

“What it does for us and the reason we did it, a form of remembering, of honoring our parents and other 69 people on the crew,” said Bruce.

“It’s a period at the end of a sentence,” said John Abele.

John is the middle brother, and co-founder of Boston Scientific. He was just 9 when the Grunion went down.

The Abele brothers now believe a Japanese freighter torpedoed the Grunion while it ran close to surface on July 31,1942.

The three brothers will return to waters off Alaska in August with more high-tech equipment to once and for all identify that sonar image.

“They risked their lives. They lost their lives to defend this society we live in,” said John.

The 69 other families who lost loved ones that day have now developed relationships with the sub commander’s three sons.

There is talk about holding a large memorial gathering in Hawaii.


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1 Comment for 'WBZ-TV: Brothers Close To Solving WWII Submarine Mystery'

    sondra buck (carroll)
    August 5, 2007 | 3:51 pm

    I would like to hear any personal stuff on my uncle Richard Carroll that any one might find. My Dad,Uncle and Aunt try to find anything on Richard but never found anything. They always beleaved he was alive but just lost somewhere.I hope I can close the case for them.
    They were very poor and could not search anywhere for him. Thank You for trying to find the Sub. Hope to hear from any one . Thank You Sondra Buck 950 Elizabeth Ave..
    1-614-2358426 Columbus, Ohio 43227

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