Status Report July 30th

Posted on Monday 30 July 2007

Today is the 65th anniversary of the loss of the Grunion. In that light I would like to share a note that the Gunnery Officer William Kornahrens wrote in June 1942 to his wife about our dad

“The more I see of the captain, the more convinced I am that he is a remarkable individual. He has bottomless energy and talents galore–wood carving, poetry, story telling–and most important of all, he’s a wondrously cool competent skipper. It’s going to be a real pleasure to go to sea with anyone of his caliber at the helm. I only hope that I won’t let him down–and that I can continue to please him as far as my work is concerned.”

As of noon today Bob Crider and his truckload of 36,000 lbs of ROV equipment were about 640 miles from Seattle. That puts them right on schedule.

The photographer, Peter Lowney and Chris Nicholson and the ROV crew are on their way to Seattle. They should arrive this evening.

I just got a note from Yutaka. He was interviewed by a reporter from Japan’s largest newspaper ASAHI-SHINBUN who will be contacting us for an article to appear just before the search begins. The significance is that we may be able to locate some relatives of the crew of the Kano Maru and of course that this type of publicity moves this project to an international level.

Yutaka has translated the status reports to his website. Go to

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