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Status Report July 27th

( general )

The truck with two drivers and 25,000 lbs of ROV equipment left at 11:00 am today for the 3100 mile trip to Seattle. They expect to get there by noon July 31st. Hopefully they didn’t take 128 as it had one of the worst traffic jams in history . BTW If anybody needs help in […]

Status Report July 25th

( general )

Aquila: Arrived July 21st right on schedule. Demobilization is almost complete. Kale is having a couple of organizations over to review ways of improving communication bandwidth. As of the 25th will start constructing the sounding pole. Joe Hunter says if there is interest in getting a copy of his DVD (The Search for the USS […]

Video of “The Search for the USS Grunion A Family Rediscovers its Past” Discussion.

Joe Hunter of Olin College produced a wonderful film about the Abele family and the USS Grunion. The Jackson Homestead in Newton hosted a free and open to the public showing which quickly filled to capacity on Wednesday. In attendance were a few Abele relations and also Nancy Kornahrens Stark who is the daughter of […]

Status Report July 18th

( general )

Schedule: Schedule now looks like ROV will arrive in Seattle Tuesday morning July 31st. Media: Got a call that the National Geographic article is off. Somewhat a surprise since it was clearly in the works. However, it is never over until it is over. Communication capability: At this time it appears that we will have […]

Status Report July 16th

( general )

Schedule changes: It now looks as if the Aquila will arrive at Seattle July 21st This is very encouraging as it provides adequate time for 4 days of demobilization and time for maintenance, DSSI is attempting to ship (The Max Rover ROV) by the 27th July and truck time across country 3 days so mobilization […]