Status Report Aug 15th

Posted on Wednesday 15 August 2007

Kale: 0930 15 Aug 07. Position 55 09 N – 142 57 W. SOA 9.6 DTW 805 nm. Wx W15, seas 3 ft out of the W.

The weather for the next 2 days looks good. Here are some more shots around the boat, some on the way up and some history. (See the Photos Search 07 link in the left sidemenu)
John:The Aquila is on its way to Dutch Harbor for last provisioning, and then on to Adak where it should arrive by Tuesday morning the 21st. We are still planning to leave the East Coast Sunday morning, arriving in Anchorage a little after noon, than flying to Adak, arriving mid afternoon on Sunday. That gives us some back up in case we can’t land on Sunday because of fog (if fog, we return to Cold Bay and try again the next day) as well as a day in Adak for planning and exploring as well as meeting the Mayor and Kjetil Solberg of the Adak Fisheries and a helpful friend.

The weather forecast is for temperatures in the mid fifties and mostly rain. Rain gear is essential and fleece or sweater layer useful. There’s a washer and dryer on board. Fog may not be good for flying, but it suggests calmer weather for the search which we want.

Kjetil returned to Adak yesterday and said the sea was glassy. Let’s hope.

I’m still planning on being able to finish the project and get back to Adak by the 31st, but the key will be calm seas and refinding the target fairly quickly.

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