Status Report August 16th

Posted on Friday 17 August 2007

A number of people have reported problems in viewing the photographs. To view them go to the bottom of the window “USS Grunion Links” on the right of the homepage. After you click the link “Search 07 Photos”, a window will open that shows albums. Double click on the album of interest and then click SIDESHOW.

[You can also find a link in the left side-menu of this page in the ‘Links’ section, also title “Search 07 Photos”. – newman]
As of late today the sub ladies have just found relatives for Moore Julis Ledford. Mary Bentz wrote an article in the Asheville Citizen-Times. It maded the front page and got a rapid response from a niece of Ledford. Their record is now 69 out of 70. The only one remaining is Traviss

Yutaka reports that an article about the Grunion is in Asahi Shimbun the largest newspaper in Japan. If you want to see it go to

There has been an adjustment in the course of the Aquila. It had originally planned a short stop at Dutch but now is planning to go direct to Adak which will save about 12 hours

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