Status Report August 17th #2

Posted on Friday 17 August 2007

Below are the URLs for the two articles about the Ledford search. Rather facinating.

Kale #1: 0800 17 Aug 07. Position 54 56 N – 155 54 W. SOA 10.1 DTW 736 nm (to Adak). Wx SE 20 seas 6-8’SSE, more on the beam than the stern.

Just enough of a swell to make it uncomfortable. Just honest enough to point out what is not properly secured!

Kale #2: Thanks for the info on Pavlof. We’ve had the pleasure of fishing on the north side and watching it go. This sounds like it may be something of a larger magnatude.

One thing to consider, which I’m sure the flight crew all ready has, is how that effects Cold Bay as an alternate for IFR. If John needed to lighten the load I know the Alaska flight out there is on Sunday as well.

Bruce: For more info on the Pavlof Volcano go to

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