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Status Report September 30th

( general )

Bruce Attack Analysis 3 and 4 are frames from the HD video 1st and 2nd passes, both on port side. The first is from bow to stern, the second from stern to bow. They give some indication of the hydrostatic damage. There is one other sighting on the starboard side. Will get that up ASAP. […]

Status Report September 29th

( general )

Bruce I have put a number of photos of the “open hatch” under Attack Analysis 2 for examination. The question why is it open or what does it indicate?

Status Report September 26th

( general )

Bruce Just added to the Photo Album are 20 photos from the HD video and five from the digital camera, all of the conning tower hatch and surrounding structure labeled Atack Analysis 1.The last 4 are from the port side, others from the starboard. The question is what caused the damage? It could be key […]

Status Report September 25th

( general )

Bruce There is now an album of photos from the first sighting. They start at the bow and move up the port side. They are not particularly clear. At this time we are merely trying to work out a system of showing photos that will be an efficient use of the viewer’s time and allow […]

Status Report September 22nd

( general )

Bruce For those who missed the Today Show go to a link to MSNBC Today Show It is working quite well now. Some other networks may be doing stories on the Grunion as NBC’s exclusivity agreement was terminated with the airing of the Today Show. Keep posted. There have been some extraordinary well thought out […]