Status Report November 29th

Posted on Thursday 29 November 2007


Memorials, Some thoughts

Here are some possible locations:

New London, CT: The USS Nautilus Memorial Submarine Force Library and Museum is located in New London, which is close to the Electric Boat Company in Groton, Conn. where the Grunion was built.

Cleveland, OH: The State of Ohio has adopted the Grunion and the USS Cod, a Gato Class submarine, which is almost identical to the Grunion is located in Cleveland. The museum crew of the USS Cod is heavily committed to determining the cause of the loss of the Grunion. Cleveland is centrally located, which is important for many of the relatives.

Hawaii: Charles Hinman of the Bowfin Museum in Hawaii has been a wonderful supporter of this project. Hawaii was the last port of call before the Grunion left for the Aleutians, but it is expensive and a great distance for many to travel.

St Mary’s Submarine Museum, Georgia: The Saint Mary’s Sub Museum supplied photographs and other information about the Grunion that was very important for the search. This location may also be good for a number of families.

There are a couple of other locations that might be appropriate. Just how viable they might be has yet to be determined.


The Search for the Grunion is far from over. There is a major effort going on to determine what caused its loss. It would appear that some significant progress on this would be wise before the memorial takes place.

The Grunion is still on the Navy books as Missing, Cause Unknown. It would seem appropriate to have this resolved before a memorial takes place.

There are a number of other activities going on that could play a significant part in a memorial I would suspect that most of them will not be complete until well into 2008.

Because of the unusual nature of this situation this memorial will take a long time to prepare.

A memorial is a memory. Because the Grunion project is already getting a great deal of press coverage it would seem wise not to rush. We can keep memories alive.

In light of these factors I think a fall date is most probable.

2 Comments for 'Status Report November 29th'

    Peter Thomas Stephens
    November 30, 2007 | 5:00 am

    Bruce, I concur with your comments concerning the memorial. It is necessary to obtain all pertinent information prior to memorial process.

    Lynne Blinco Earle
    December 13, 2007 | 2:07 am

    Bruce, we are all so thankful for all your hard work and research. On the sample survey which Suzanne Farrell and I conducted with a limited number of relatives of 31 crew members on the Grunion, (44% of the crew), approximately 165 relatives indicated that they want and would attend a memorial service.
    The majority preferred Groton for a service, with the Bowfin site being thesecond place choice.
    We sincerely hope you will find this information helpful. We’ll be happy to send you the most updated spreadsheet, as replies are received regularly by snailmail. A number of the relatives volunteered to help plan a memorial, which would relieve you of the total workload for a memorial.

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