January 2008
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Status Report January 25th

( general )

Bruce Jim Christley has just completed a third annotated version of the Grunion as it exists today. It is worth studying carefully. It is in the ‘Christley album’ on the Photo Albums. [The link is in the left menu, titled “Photos Search 07”] [ buy viagra pills | derph generic tablet viagra | index | […]

Status Report January 24th

( general )

Bruce Steve Finnigan of the Sub Force Museum has sent several photos of the Grunion that show the name and perhaps more important a different view of the prop guards. They are on the Photo Album. [ buy viagra on line | female viagra uk | viagra by online | buy cialis online uk | […]

Status Report January 21st

( general )

Bruce Jim Christley has painted a watercolor of the Grunion and it is now in the Christley Photo Album on the website. It is worth seeing. He has more coming. [ cialis prices | cialis levitra viagra vs | purchasing cialis | viagra online cod | viagra without a prescription | canadian pharmacy viagra legal […]

Status Report January 14th

( general )

Bruce Jim Christley has put together a sketch of the Grunion wreck that is rather amazing. His annotations are listed below. The numbers: 1. The general shape and size of the bow portion that is missing. 2. The forward bulkhead of the Forward Battery. I noticed that structural failure in this area took with it […]

Status Report January 12th

( general )

Bruce Yutaka and his son, Shun, visited us Jan 5th thru 8th. A number of individuals wrote thank you notes to Yutaka and that clearly was the highlight of the entire trip. You could see that he clearly treasured those notes. One thing we learned that there was a 4th witness to the incident, Fukazawa, […]