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Status Report March 18th

( general )

Bruce Museum of Science Presentation May 1st There have been a number of inquires about the Search for the Grunion presentation that will take place at the Museum of Science on May 1st. The auditorium holds a little less than 300 people and our experience to date has been that these presentations have been […]

Status Report March 15th

( general )

Bruce USA Today website The USA Today website can be found at Beside the article there are two things that should be of interest. There is a collage of photos of most of the crew and by clicking on any photo you will get a brief statement about that individual. This was the […]

Status Report March 10th

( general )

Bruce Memorial The date is not yet firm. John Fakan is going to check to be sure that there isn’t a football conflict that weekend as that could affect hotel availability. Football schedules will be out April 3d. Yutaka Yutaka sent an interesting note. Aiura who provided us with the location and attack diagram […]

Status Report March 6th

( general )

Bruce Memorial Update Coordination for the Memorial is being handled by a committee consisting of members of the Abele family, Mary and Dick Bentz, and John Fakan, the director of the USS Cod Submarine Memorial in Cleveland. An email address ( has been established as the point of email communication for the Memorial. If […]

Status Report March 4th

( general )

Bruce Thanks to Stan Kendrick (his wife Geraldine is sister to Edward Knowles of the crew) we have located the ship’s bell from the Grunion. The story is rather incredible. In 1942 a Chaplin found in a rubbish barrel a bag which inside had a bell with the USS Grunion inscribed on it. He […]