Status Report March 10th

Posted on Monday 10 March 2008



The date is not yet firm. John Fakan is going to check to be sure that there isn’t a football conflict that weekend as that could affect hotel availability. Football schedules will be out April 3d.


Yutaka sent an interesting note. Aiura who provided us with the location and attack diagram did not know it was the Grunion, just a sub. Yutaka sent 3 pages of Senshi Sosho (War History Books) issued 1969. The author is Tasuku Nakazawa ex Vice Admiral of Imperial Japanese Navy and general staff of 5th Fleet that had covered North East Front. He is the first one that mentions the Grunion in relationship to the Kano Maru confrontation.

History Day Project

There are two remarkable girls Ashley and Maddie, 12 & 13, who have taken on the Grunion effort for History Day competition. There is an interesting article about this at

USA Today

USA Today is scheduled to come out Thursday the 13th of March. There has been a great deal of work preparing both the article and the website. Worth checking.


Lost and found
Aurora Beacon News, IL – Mar 9, 2008,2_5_AU09_GRUNION_S1.article

From the storyteller:,AU09_GRUNION_S2.article
A recent expedition might have located the long-missing USS Grunion submarine. He has just one clear memory of his father after the family moved in 1941 …

1 Comment for 'Status Report March 10th'

    Peter Thomas Stephens
    March 11, 2008 | 1:29 am

    The article on the History Day Project was excellent. Today you hear so much negativity verses positivity concerning the younger generation. This article put together by these two young students shows what can be accomplished when our young students are given the right tools and guidance. I am so glad they stumbled upon the story in the Reader’ Digest.

    Maddie & Ashley this is definitely state level material.

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