Status Report March 15th

Posted on Saturday 15 March 2008


USA Today website

The USA Today website can be found at Beside the article there are two things that should be of interest. There is a collage of photos of most of the crew and by clicking on any photo you will get a brief statement about that individual. This was the result of an almost round the clock effort by Mary Bentz to collect that information. In addition to the right of the collage is a schematic of the sub and by clicking on points of the sub you will get video clips of what that part of the sub looks like today.

By the way it should be noted that Mary Bentz is not planning to write a book on the subject.

The DVD “Search for the USS Grunion”

The DVD “Search for the USS Grunion” If you go to and search for Grunion you should find it. There were a few problems in ordering in the past but we think they have been fixed. I am somewhat biased but I think that anybody involved with the Grunion will find it fascinating.

USS Mannert L Abele

Most of you are aware that there was a destroyer, USS Mannert L Abele launched April 1944, named to honor the men of the Grunion.

That destroyer was sunk April 12, 1945 by a hoard (30) Japanese kamikazes (suicide planes).

One of the officers on that destroyer, Roy Andersen, has written a book about that experience called “Three Minutes off Okinawa”. In my opinion it is an extraordinary book.

If you are interested in ordering it go to for details

The Day of the Kamikaze

“The Day of the Kamikaze” was a program aired on the Smithsonian Channel on Veteran’s Day 2007 (also on Direct TV Channel 267.) about the USS Mannert L Abele. It was produced by Darlow Smithson Productions

We are trying to get a DVD of that program but as yet have not had any success. Any help would be appreciated..

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