Status Report February 10

Posted on Tuesday 10 February 2009


The problems with the blog have been repaired and the posting of comments can resume.

There is a interesting new development to the Grunion story. Most know that the Grunion attacked three sub chasers and sunk two of them. The 97-year-old wife of the commander of the sub chaser that was sunk has been located. The “Sons of Catherine E. Abele” have the sent her pressed flowers from Kiska and she has returned with a gift from the Shinoda family.

We have also received a detailed description of the attack from the commander of the sub chaser that escaped. In addition he expressed some thoughts about the military mind. They are are posted below.

“At that age everyone were puppet operated by a professional soldier drunk with dream, under the slogan ‘We will win and win. These are crusade and crusade.

And we have needlessly lost husbands and parents, country be perished,
given incomparable war disaster to the human in the world.

Truly the crusade was not crusade, it is very and very regretful that the dead had passed away lika a dog as result. The Military Tribunal reveals the act of the military authorities, that let the deceased be regretful.

Though, Mr. Shinoda did his best and achieved his ordered mission.
Even though the war was not the crusade, above is the situation of those days.

I suppose, now they both friend and foe alike at the north sea under falling ice,
must be hoping the peace and reconstruction of home country, also praying the fortune of families, smiling how we were so unwise that fought such war.

I wish you will be vigorous for your rest children.

Now, it will be getting cold. Take care of your health. My wife also
wants to send her best regards to you.”


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