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WBZ-TV: Brothers Close To Solving WWII Submarine Mystery

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Jun 21, 2007 6:41 pm US/Eastern WBZ-TV: Brothers Close To Solving WWII Submarine Mystery Joe Shortsleeve Reporting (WBZ) NEWTON A Massachusetts family is working to solve a World War II mystery.The Abele brothers lost their father when the USS Grunion vanished off Alaska in 1942. Some 65-years later, the deep sea is finally giving […]

USS Grunion Story on the NBC Today Show 10/24/06

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Today Show – Tuesday, Oct 24th I have just been told by the producer of the Today Show that the Grunion segment will be aired Tuesday Oct 24 between 8:00 and 10:00. [ viagra levitra | how much does viagra cost | cialis for women | cialis 20 mg | viagra affects on women […]

“Closure, WW II sub found under the sea” – Tribune

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Closure, WW II sub found under the sea Family finally has place to put flowers By Kelly Kennedy Tribune staff reporter Published August 8, 2005 In the ghostly blue lights of a video camera, sea snakes, squids and schools of blue and yellow fish swirl past five-inch battle guns of a World War II submarine […]

“WWII submarine apparently discovered near Kiska” – KIAL Unalaska Local News

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KIAL Unalaska Local News WWII submarine apparently discovered near Kiska Charles Homans UNALASKA, AK (2006-08-25) A U.S. submarine that disappeared in the Aleutians during World War II apparently has been found off the shore of Kiska Island. A research expedition paid for by one of the commanding officer’s sons spotted what they believe is […]

“After six decades, a submarine’s fate may surface” – Globe

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After six decades, a submarine’s fate may surface By Ralph Ranalli, Globe Staff | August 17, 2006 There was no distress call, no indication of enemy depth charges exploding or bulkheads breached, just a dead silence that stretched from a few days into 60 years. Article Tools The USS Grunion disappeared in July 1942, […]