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Google Earth View of the Area

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Thought you all might like to see the island of Kiska. You can download the GoogleEarth viewer from Be sure to see the photos of the search at “Search 07 Photos”

Search mobalization Photos

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Here are a few recent Photos:

Max Rover being Loaded

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” I just checked the website and saw the ROV being lifted onto the truck. This is so very exciting. Many of us have been calling each other just to stay in touch as the news of the Grunion unfold. Thank you and all of your family for undertaking this tremendous project. What a wonderful […]

Video of John Abele Speaking About the Search for the Grunion at Gadgetoff 2006

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From Nancy Springer

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Photo: Louis Henry Doell, Jr and Mrs. Evelyn Doell. From Eternal Patrol, courtesy of Russell Dieselberg I would like to thank the Japanese gentleman for adding the information he knew about the Kano Maru and the Grunion. I believe that was the missisng link for all these years. I also want to thank the […]