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Status Report August 26th #2

Donovan Greetings from Kiska Harbor. Yesterday (8/25), we spent the day in-harbor, hemmed in by both the weather and the fact that the lift and pan gears on the Max Rover’s HiDef camera needed to be repaired, as they’d been rattled loose in the past few days of heavy Max-Rover use. To make use of […]

Status Report August 17th #2

Below are the URLs for the two articles about the Ledford search. Rather facinating. Kale #1: 0800 17 Aug 07. Position 54 56 N – 155 54 W. SOA 10.1 DTW 736 nm (to Adak). Wx SE 20 seas 6-8’SSE, more on the beam than the stern. Just enough of a swell to […]

Status Report August 16th

A number of people have reported problems in viewing the photographs. To view them go to the bottom of the window “USS Grunion Links” on the right of the homepage. After you click the link “Search 07 Photos”, a window will open that shows albums. Double click on the album of interest and then click […]

Status Report Aug 15th

Kale: 0930 15 Aug 07. Position 55 09 N – 142 57 W. SOA 9.6 DTW 805 nm. Wx W15, seas 3 ft out of the W. The weather for the next 2 days looks good. Here are some more shots around the boat, some on the way up and some history. (See the Photos […]

Status Report August 9th

As of yesterday mobilization was complete. They ran a ROV test in the harbor and found a small leak in one of the cameras. Luckily there was no damage as one of those cameras cost about the same as a small house. The leak was repaired and a second trial will take place today. If […]